About the Simcoe County Historical Association

The S.C.H.A. is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, appreciation, and dissemination of the history and heritage of Simcoe County.

Originally organized in 1891 as The Simcoe County Pioneer and Historical Society, we have undergone several name changes. In 1971, we reorganized to become Simcoe County Historical Association. We have always operated under the Charter of the Ontario Historical Society.

We also enjoy the encouragement and the financial support of Simcoe County Council and the Government of Ontario, through various ministries.

Our Executive, elected each year at our Annual General Meeting, meets regularly at least nine times a year. Our Board of Directors, which is made up of representatives of the various Historical Societies of the County as well as Directors at Large also meets regularly. The Chairs of our various Standing Committees are either drawn from the Board of Directors or become Directors as long as they hold office.

Membership in our organization is open to all who embrace our objectives for an annual fee of $20 for a single/couple, or family. The annual Institutional Membership fee for Historical Societies and Heritage Organizations is $20.00. The institutional membership includes a seat on our Board of Directors. Among other benefits, all members enjoy our quarterly publication “News and Views”.

Our present activities include open public meetings where information about current activities of the Historical Societies is shared and the efforts of learned speakers are enjoyed.

We have erected many Historic Plaques to commemorate events and locations. We have reprinted certain valuable but out-of-print publications.

We hope to assist by fund matching a variety of worthy projects initiated by other local Historical Societies. We seek particularly to assist in all ways the many Historical Societies in our County who are so actively furthering the causes of their own local history.

We have until recently been active in selling history books. We have come to believe that the gift shops of our many Museums in the County as well the commercial Book Stores are adequately meeting this ongoing need. We will continue to maintain a bibliography of books related to the history and heritage of Simcoe County, in print or otherwise on this website.

The S.C.H.A. is a dynamic organization. We are always looking for new ways of “PRESERVING THE PAST IN THE PRESENT FOR THE FUTURE”.

For membership information, please email our Membership Chair. 

To join the SCHA mail, please visit our Membership page.